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Carolyn Nygaard ND owner Earth Source Medicine LLC

Primary Care, Pediatrics, and Family Medicine

Dr. Nygaard offers full scope of primary care and pediatrics. Most insurance companies recognize naturopathic physicians as primary care providers (PCPs) and pediatricians. She provides care from preconception through all stages of life. 

Naturopathic physicians learn to treat all aspects of family health and wellness, from pediatrics to geriatrics. Dr Nygaard will design therapies to meet the individual needs of each patient, factoring in physical, social, emotional and spiritual aspects before prescribing a course of treatment. Because she views natural remedies as complementary as well as primary, naturopathic physicians cooperate with other medical professionals, referring patients to allopathic medical doctors, surgeons and other specialists whenever appropriate.

Dr Nygaard has developed professional relationships with hospitals, specialists, and other primary care providers to give you comprehensive care for your family. She also offers consultation and telemedicine services, 

Typically visits are 1-1.5 hours for new patient visits and follow up appointments are 30 min-60min. This additional time allows Dr. Nygaard to engage in your care and provide proper informed consent for all medication decisions. It is important to her to develop a professional relationship with patients and create an environment of trust and support.